snoop dog vs dj jazzy jeff

a battle of 2 great rappers

(i’ve been informed that headphone users have had their minds blown by this amazing content so turn your volume down)


A million million tracks of land

Sold to the highest bidder

A house on each plot, a street running through them

A smiling face—man, woman, child


A vagabond with his baby hunched over a bundle of blankets

Snot running down his nose



A pool in the back, a fence and a hot tub

A deck and a trampoline, hedges, some trees


A dumpster, a trash can tipped half over

A cat prowling around the trash

This is home.


The man yells at the woman

The woman yells at the child

Their porcelain smiles fall away


The vagabond gives a quick kiss to his baby

Looks up in the sky

And wonders about the more fortunate


what kind of dog are you

hey welcome to what kind of dog are you hope you have fun figuring out what kind of dog you are maybe you'll be golden retriever maybe poodle lol who knows

Do you like animals?
Do animals like you?