A List Of Accomplishments I Keep Telling Myself Mean Something

Let’s be real, you don’t care about my accomplishments. Instead of giving a long preamble about how and why I made each thing and how it became successful I’ll just spew out jot notes about each thing:
The Twist: A Parody–My first big writing accomplishment, I wrote this when I was fourteen and it was published on Creepypasta when I was fifteen. It became the most up voted story ever on Crappypasta, won the best Crappypasta award, and inspired this 60000 view video.

Chef the Griller–My next Creepypasta written at 16 inspired another 60000 view video, albeit in Portuguese. This one stood out from my last in that it could be enjoyed as unironic horror. Both inspired dozens of poorly made spin-offs that I’ll spare you from viewing.

Depression Flowchart–Clearly if one wishes to become internet famous, one must only appeal to the (apparently very many) depressed people of the world. The depression flowchart got over half a million views on imgur, made front page of reddit and was blatantly stolen by many a content-aggregator.

Slam Poetry

Poison Touch–Won an Ottawa/Gatineau-area contest about the ocean by taking an apocalyptic angle. My poem was published in a podcast and performed by me here. My part is introduced at 20:54 and I actually start reading at 21:59. This one was pretty monumental for me, as it’s the first time I made money off voice acting.

Other Awards–This slam won a consent-based art contest, this slam won runner-up for a University-wide poetry competition.

My Valedictorian Speech

Volunteer Work

I also do volunteer work for organizations like Apartment 613 and the Capital Ukrainian Festival. Here are some of my book reviews for the good ol’ 613th Apartment:

Laurie Stewart’s A Test of Loyalty    Kevin T. Johns’ The Page Turners.

A Preview of a Game Expo

My Book

But why’s this website called Inbreak anyways? Well that would be because my first novel, Inbreak, was the reason I first started the site. Now the writing is rather imperfect by my standards today but honestly for a buck you’re not missing out on much. I published Inbreak when I was 16. You can read the first four chapters here. You can tell by that title page you’re signing up for Kwality with a capital C.

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