it’s so hard being X

so hard having Y

i’ll cut a poem out of my brain

with the edginess of my topic

stop it? stop what?

i italicize my rhymes

because I think you’re too dumb to see them and I

write my lines like this

because capitalization is for heathens

and i don’t rhyme

not because i can’t

but because i don’t want to

i mean i if i do happen to rhyme it’s because i

wanted to. See the sea of Assisi?

this is Assisi’s sea, wow that sounds so good

i’m going to repeat it a bunch of times

for no reason

see the sea of Assisi

flee the flea of Assisi

be the bee of Assisi

me? the sea of Assisi flees to thee

yeah that sounds great wow

people will buy that provided they don’t actually

look at what i’m saying and just listen to my consonance and think

“wow, that’s some good stuff”

“wow, she compared her feelings to birds, how deep”

“wow, she rhymed this word in the middle of her line

with this word in the middle of the next line”

(nevermind the fact that she rhymed

line with line)

you want to like this style? fine.

eat up your obscure

18th century British allusions

your emotionless combination of words

needlessly emphasized wrongly

i’m a poet, look at me

i sound great because no one’s

really listening


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