hey got some real cool advice for ya

yeah you, c’mere lemme tell you something

the world’s pretty big but it’s like, not THAT big

all things considered you’re pretty small but you’re not like THAT small, anyways,

that’s just for perspective, listen to me,

you’re not important but that’s fine nobody’s important, look, i don’t want to start by saying that

it’s too, i don’t know

edgy? yeah. it’s too edgy.

too needlessly nihilistic. also

it seems to pretentious. then again, be pretentious. s’what the great poets say.

B-E pretentious. if you’re saying pretentious stuff you might get some idiots to believe what you’re saying is deep. *ahem*

a bowl is only empty twice a day; meanwhile, a great dog barks once at a deaf man. ~Confuscious

thank you for your time 😉

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