So You Want To Change The World

Get in line, join the bucket of dreamers and innovators too busy looking at the stars to ignore the train rushing towards them we

Are the disillusioned sort, an optimist writing tragedy, an idealist ruined by pragmatism we

Are told at every junction that we’re not good enough, or sometimes that we are good enough, but there are roadblocks that clog and choke

Us, worming their way into our throats, biting and gnashing, drawing blood, we

Cough and sputter our dreams out of our mouths, brain fluid mixing with prismatic ideals mixing with tears mixing with a scream the

Dream is still there living inside of us, it holds an axe and screams a battlecry over the dark clouds the suffocating depression the fear is chased away with a raw cry I

Can’t remember my dream, I lost it when I woke up


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