I Am Going To Write You A Hundred Poems (10-20)


it is not that

I thought

I was too good for you


You were too good for me


We were too good for each other



You wanted effort

I wanted lessness

That doesn’t mean

I loved you less(ness)




But I did.




And it wasn’t your fault.




I am apologetic not in conclusion

But in execution

I caused confusion

With interior collusion

And for that I am sorry

But do not worry

You times I

Was an interesting fusion

You * i


Can’t wait until robots take over the world

It will start with Apple making the iYou

Literally just a robotic replica that—


This is about you

But I did say

These poems were for me



Talking with people

Has a funny way of depersonalizing me

Because I no longer become solitary

Instead I become one half of a conversation

The same goes for talking with a group of people

If I have no voice in a group of ten

Then I disappear

Maybe that is why

I prefer the individual

And the sound of my own voice



(In case it wasn’t clear

How the above poem related:

I would rather be full me

Than half of someone else)



((In case it wasn’t clear

How the above poem related:

I do hate myself (most of the time

Though some days (like today) I

Am better than others and some

Days (like tomorrow) I will be only

Okay and some days (like the day

After that) I will not be.)

But I enjoy dwelling in dislike)

Not sharing it)



Introducing: Apple’s New and Improved iYou!

It’s literally just a relationship! In robot form!

Spend time with your mate! Love her through

Thick and thin! Be afraid of dying alone!

Settle for a good relationship!

Don’t go for the great one!

Order now!



You wanted me to put more effort in

I wanted the effort you put in

To put less effort in

I lied.

That means I loved you less.

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